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Dear Creative Being,

Welcome to this bubbling online circle of inspiration - I'm so glad you have found this place!

What is The Bubbling Well?

It's an online circle of Creative Beings, who meet here to share ideas, challenges and triumphs.

 If you have big creative dreams and plans, and are looking for some support to make them happen, you are exactly where you need to be.

Connect with a community of gorgeous arty people from all over the world, and draw your creativity up into the light or your everyday life.

Premium membership, which gives you access to ALL of the eCourses on this site, is available here.

If you have been looking for a place to connect with other creative people, plus find a load of online resources like playsheets, eBooks, video tutorials and eCourses, then you have found it!

The Bubbling Well creativity circle is a place for people of all genders and backgrounds, a place full of things to shift you from stuck to flowing with the help of me, Jani Franck, and a tribe of other creative beings.

Lifetime basic membership is open to anyone who registers on one of Jani Franck's eCourses.

To find the right eCourse for you and get access to this amazing community, click here.

What our members say.....

"I'm feeling like the Bubbling Well is what I have been needing - a safe place that is filled with lovely folks, that is not overwhelming.

It's like it has come at just the right time"

Louise Ingram, maker of Fireseed Beads & Founder of The Blue Sky Caravan

After joining you will find:

A library of free goodies for your creative being.  

This is added to all the time - a pick-and-mix of handy things for you to dip into as you need them.

'The Wellhouse Cafe' - a forum where you can connect with others, ask questions and share ideas.

Private groups for eCourses and other adventures, including a free 21 day eCourse 'UnEarth your Creative Nature'.

You can opt for even more goodness by upgrading once you've joined to Premium 'Fireside' membership.

As a premium member, you will be able to join in with ALL of the eCourses, get eKits and guided visualisations and many extra resources for your development.

Premium 'Fireside' membership, gives you access to:

- All Jani's eCourses, Visualisations, eBooks and eKits, including any new ones which come out.

- Extra premium forums. 

- 'Creative Seasons' mini eCourses in the orchard, at each turn of the year.  

Creative Seasons is ONLY available to Fireside members of this community, I don't offer this anywhere else.

Gallery of members' work

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Join today as a premium member and start enjoying a very special place for your creative growth!

The Bubbling Well is tended by me, Jani Franck, artist, teacher and social entrepreneur.

To find out more about me, visit my website.

Our members say...

....I have been a member of at least 5 ning groups in the past, as an artist, I am thrilled with The Bubbling Well! I have always had trouble navigating in ning groups but The Bubbling Well is so well organized that I cruise around with no problems - and I LOVE every single thing on offer! WHOOPEEE! 

Cheryl Stevenson, Artist

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